Licensed coaches can help you in your development as a racer whether you are a first year racer or an experienced member of the peloton. Promising junior, world class senior, or regional terror; a coach can help you in your preparation and year-round training plans.

If you have a specific training question, want to development a specific training regimen, or work with a coach on a consistent year-round basis, the coaches listed below can help you. They have many years of experience in a variety if areas and with many different levels of racing. Select the coach that would best fit you and send them an email message.

Name Email contact Phone
Brian Abers (brihopcoaching.com) brian@brihopcoaching.com (503) 537-6800
Richard Albrow richardalbrow1@hotmail.com (541) 678-2838
Jeanie Bihlmaier jeanie@wenzelcoaching.com (360) 903-4962
Brig Brandt bbrandt@reboundspl.com
Chuck Brockman ctbrockman@msn.com (541) 815-9403
Julie Browning (www.breakawaytrainingonline.com) breakawaytraining@comcast.net (503) 913-1671
Russell Cree, DPT, CSCS (www.upperechelonfitness.com) Russell@upperechelonfitness.com (503) 501-8121
Miles J. Crumley (www.trainingwheelscycling.com) trainingwheelscycling@gmail.com (503) 459-7935
Evan Elken (www.upperechelonfitness.com) info@upperechelonfitness.com (503) 501-8121
John Forbes (www.wenzelcoaching.com) Johnforbes@Wenzelcoaching.com (503) 422-1239
David Hart (www.wenzelcoaching.com) davidhart@wenzelcoaching.com (360) 241-84639
Seth Hosmer, DC, CSCS (www.HPChiro.com) shosmer@hpchiro.com (503) 227-2279
Adnan Kadir (www.aeolusendurance.com) adnan@aeolusendurance.com (503) 516-1943
Omer Kem (www.upperechelonfitness.com) kem.omer@gmail.com
Anne Linton (www.wenzelcoaching.com) annelinton@wenzelcoaching.com (503) 928-0226
Steve Long (www.wenzelcoaching.com) SteveLong@wenzelcoaching.com (503) 652-1202
Ainslie MacEachran (www.geminitrainingsystems.com) coaches@geminitrainingsystems.com (970) 301-8510
Steve Matson (www.matsoncoaching.com) smatson@wamail.net (253) 906-5352
J. Michael Manning (www.CycleOne.net) jmichael@cycleone.net (503) 330-5531
Karey Miles (hosmerchiropractic.com) karey.miles@gmail.com (541) 556-0454
Rhonda Morin (www.wenzelcoaching.com) rhondamorin@wenzelcoaching.com (207) 431-3079
John O'Brien (www.wenzelcoaching.com) JohnOBrien@wenzelcoaching.com (360) 989-6361
Doug Ollerenshaw (www.upperechelonfitness.com) info@upperechelonfitness.com (503) 501-8121
Jeanette Rose jrosecoaching@aol.com (541) 687-0919
John Salemme (www.eliteathleticsworld.com) eliteathleticsusa@hotmail.com (818) 516-5927
Melissa Sanborn (www.wenzelcoaching.com) info@wenzelcoaching.com (503) 233-4346
Phil Sanders (Go Fast Cycling) phil@bbcbike.com (503) 649-4632
Jeb Stewart (www.endurofit.com) jstewart@endurofit.com (503) 238-5408
Chris Swan (www.upperechelonfitness.com) chris@chrisswan.com (541) 556-8815
Jeff Tedder (www.solidcoretraining.com) sharkattack97219@peoplepc.com (503) 473-7650
William Warburton (www.BendEnduranceAcademy.org) bill@bendenduranceacademy.org (541) 335-1346
Kendra Wenzel (www.wenzelcoaching.com) info@wenzelcoaching.com (503) 233-4346
Scott Young (www.edgeperformancefitness.com) scott@paceperformancetraining.com (951) 218-3221
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