The 2004 Columbia Plateau Stage Race
Challenging Courses with 3 Point to Point Road Stages

Entry Fees:

Pro 1/2s - $130 or $85 without food
Cat 3/4 - $125 or $80 without food
Women - $125 or $80 without food
Masters - 40+ $125 or $80 without food

No mail-in registration entries will be accepted after April 30th.   No on-line registration after May 4th.
Field Limit - 125 riders per field
300 Riders Maximum All Fields

You can enter with or with out paying for meals. Remember though, if you don't pre-register with meals, you will need to bring food as there are not many places to eat or even buy food in any of the towns we will be staying in.

Pro/1/2   $1,920 cash total - 25 deep GC + Stage Prizes + Team Competition + Points Competition
3/4            $960 cash total - 25 deep GC + Stage Prizes
Women    $560 cash total - 15 deep GC + Stage Prizes + Points Competition
Masters    $560 cash total - 15 deep GC + Stage Prizes

Pro/1/2 - Women Points Competition Points Competition for road stage finishes will be: 9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (top eight places)
Mid-stage sprints points will be: 6-4-2
Mid-stage sprints:  stage 1: Vinson (Pro/1/2 only),  stage 2: None (time trial),  stage 3: Condon, Mayville,  stage 4: Service Creek, Spray, Hardman, Ruggs

Team Competition (Pro/1/2 only) Teams consist of 5 riders maximum.  Multiple teams per club are allowed.
Team competition based on each teams top three finish times per stage.  NOT GC times.
All Oregon and Washington riders must ride on club teams.
Non Oregon and Washington riders may form composite teams.

Stage 1 Notes (Pro/1/2 only) Between Vinson and Pine City, the course is in open rangeland. Cattle and horses may be on the course. There are also nine cattle guards in this section. We are planning on covering the worst ones.

Stage 1 starts at 1:00pm.  Please plan for adequate travel time!

Click here for an Adobe pdf Registration form
waiver in pdf format

Important Information - Please Read!!

Winner 1995 OBRA President's Award for most innovative promotion.
Entry fee includes two nights accommodations & showers at local gyms. If you choose, bring some camping gear and sleep under the stars in the fields. If you choose to find local accommodations, here is the list of motels and campgrounds.
There will be stage prizes (4 deep for road - Pro 1/2s & 3/4s, 3 deep for time trial and all women's & master's stages) as well as GC prizes (stage, GC and team totals above) so make sure you finish the whole race. Oregon BAR points will be awarded for this race. If you opt to go for food, you get two snacks (mini-lunch), two dinners (Fri & Sat), two breakfasts (Sat & Sun) and one lunch (Sat).
Mail-In registration deadline is April 30th. On-Line registration deadline is May 4th. No late registration available. Entry includes OBRA surcharges. Send a standard release form to the below address and make sure that you note which food option you will choose!
Don't forget to wear your helmet when racing, and bring all of your (support) equipment, as there are not many bike shops around. Checks and entries to:
Mark Schwyhart
4425 SE Woodward
Portland, OR 97206