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Season: Mid-September to mid-November.

Team & Race Format: COED. You need a minimum of 3 people to form a COED team. The 5 race series will determine the best High School Cyclocross team for 2012. Ages: 15 to 19, and must be a member of the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association http://www.obra.org

Looking for Oregon & Southern Washington Teams. Yes welcome Washington!

Tentative Race locations: Hood River, Portland, Bend, Salem, Eugene

Beginners welcome: Mt Bikes or Cross Bikes are fine. Cyclocross is the most fun on two wheels. It is really easy to race and participate in Cyclocross. Our 10 year old racers are having a blast every weekend. Of course winning the High School Championship is harder, but assemble that team, start your practices. See how far you can go! Give it a try. Contact John Wilson to form your team.

Contact Info: Use this link for all contact needs
You may also call John Wilson at 541-760-1331 if you have any questions.

How to Start a High School Team
  1. Begin by finding at least three interested High School age riders.
  2. Alternatively, interested coaches can reach out to kids in their area.
  3. Contact one of the regional representatives who can offer advice about forming a team.
  4. Racers: We can help you find a Coach, or an existing team to join.
  5. Coaches/Adult Volunteers: We can find you some racers/team that needs your help.

Detailed Steps to Forming your Team:
  1. The season starts in September so team coordination should start May/June while school is still in session.
  2. Identify potential racers. Composite teams (racers from multiple same area schools) are allowed.
  3. Identify a Team Leader. This can be a coach, a teacher, a parent or anyone else with some basic motivation.
  4. Team Meeting: Hold an informational meeting before the first practice for parents and interested riders. Formal practice should start in August. We suggest being flexible with athletes participating in other Fall sports. Don’t force kids to choose. Try to work around their practice schedule. Make sure the kids know the basics of bike handling and race format.
  5. If you need help finding a coach, getting training materials, drills, etc, contact your local representative, or John Wilson.
  6. Fund raising. Find a local sponsor (perhaps a local bike shop, a local OBRA race team, etc). Any dollars collected can help pay for team jerseys, transportation costs to races, etc.
  7. Ask a local OBRA team to "Adopt Your High School Team". Local OBRA teams might have connections for discounts on cycling gear, volunteers, and coaches.
  8. Create your team jersey artwork and turn in to Castelli by July 15th. Consult the web page for contact details: read more. Jersey lead time after approved art work is 8 weeks. No exceptions. Please do not ask Castelli to deliver in less than 8 weeks. We are really lucky to have their support and sponsorship.
  9. Club Status: While not required in 2012, we strongly suggest forming an official High School Club at the High School. Contact your High School Office Administrator for information about how to form a club. Even if you have a composite team look into this for at least one school in your team. The paperwork is fairly simple and self-explanatory. You will likely be required to have insurance for each member of the team if you are going to be officially affiliated with the High School. Very low cost insurance is available through the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) (this is what most High School Club teams use). Longer term OBRA may consider providing insurance options for High School teams. For now consider BSA. If you have any questions about forming an official High School Club Team you may contact John Wilson for more information and help. You should ideally start this process before school gets out in the preceding year of racing.
  10. Team Roster: Each High School team will be expected to maintain and provide an up to date Roster with John Wilson. The Roster will include the high school team name, location, racers name, birth date, OBRA CX race number, and OBRA team (if applicable) along with contact info for the coach/volunteers (Cell phone and email). Failure to provide a team roster may result in team, or racer disqualification. Rosters are due before the first race of the season (mid-September).
  11. Stay Connected: Call/Email your regional representative to find out the latest information and subscribe to the Oregon Junior Cyclocross Facebook site: http://www.facebook.com/Oregon.Junior.Cyclocross This site will be useful to get information during the season.
  12. Middle School League: If you are interested in also forming a "Middle School" Team for 2012 let John Wilson know. If there is enough interest we may add this in.
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