Races for Beginners

This year we are highlighting some races as "beginner friendly" by marking them with a green star on the schedule. We have highlighted these events as a great way to be introduced to bike racing. Many beginners wonder "which races should I try out first?" These are your best bet. We have looked for courses that are balanced without large changes in elevation. Many race courses are the same from year to year, but there are always some new ones. Some events offer beginner clinics, pre-race talks, mentoring and other new racer opportunities.

We have identified road events to start and will expand the list as the season progresses. If you are trying out racing for the first time, talk with some experienced bike racers. Find out what to expect before your dive in! If you don't know anyone who has raced before or are looking for a team (also see www.obra.org/teams), contact Omer Kem at omer@obra.org.

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