In Memoriam
Brett Jarolimek (1976-2007)

Brett Jarolimek

On Monday afternoon, Oct. 22, at about 12:30 PM, the cycling community lost one of its most charismatic and talented members. Brett Jarolimek was a gifted cyclist who loved racing and excelled at the technically challenging sport of cyclocross. Brett, a graduate of the Pacific Northwest College of Art, was an artist, and worked with artists as a framer. He was an employee of the Bike Gallery and previously worked at Art Media. In his brief time in Portland, Brett established a wide and diverse network of friends and acquaintances. He epitomized the youthful, creative, active and generous transplants that Portland is attracting from all over the country. He will be greatly missed by all of us. (more from OBRA's press release)

A Poem for Brett

Wherever you are, my friend...
You will begin everyday with a giant breakfast,
"This American Life" will play on N.P.R.
The coffee will be perfect.
The bacon will never betray you.

The sun will shine.
The road will be smooth
Your wheels will never go flat,
and Brandon won't crash in front of you.

You will own the hole-shot.
You won't trip on barriers.
We will cheer for you on every run-up.
You will never be over-geared.
You won't get poison oak.
And no one will stare at your ankles.
Those rain pants you made......
will be the right size.

The wood will never warp.
The joints will fit together.
The basement door will be wide enough
The paint will never be too dry,
to fix mistakes.

There'll be plenty of scrap for the fire.
You won't be cold.

Two bottles of wine won't be necessary
to make you audacious.
The truth will always be spoken.
You will love everything.
You will never doubt yourself.
We will throw all the menus in the street.

You will stand in the midst of the firecrackers without fear.
You will be the best dancer.
You will have the finest laugh.
the banjo will sound good,
the singing will sound better,
and the trumpets will always be in tune.
– Matt Hall

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