Oregon District Time Trial
sponsored by
Emerald Velo Bicycle Club
Sunday, August 8, 2004
Peoria, Oregon
River City Bicycles

Join Emerald Velo and a few of your close friends as we revisit one of the best Time Trial courses in the West. The Oregon District Time Trial Championships are happening in Peoria! This is a flat, fast and true 40K course. It has seen a number of personal bests over the years (as you can see in the time below) and should see several set this year.

Start Time: First rider off at 9:00 am. Riders will leave at 30 second intervals. No warm-up will be allowed on the course. Warm-up will be allowed on the roads North and East of the Peoria Wayside boat ramp or on stationary trainers. Individual start times will be posted at www.emeraldvelo.org and on the OBRA email list. (Archives available here.)

Riders who miss their start time will not be allowed on course. No exceptions!

Entry Fee: $21.00. Juniors race Free. Register online at http://www.signmeup.com/28036 Or mail an OBRA release (download PDF registration/release form) and check to the address below. Checks must be made payable to "Emerald Velo Bicycle Club"

Attn: Chris Bright
4514 Lower Drive
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Tel: (503) 697-5375


Registration Deadline: August 3

Prize List: Medals to Top 3 finishers in each category.
Distances, Categories and Start Order (projected):
10 K Distance - Juniors 12 and under, Juniors 13-14
20 K Distance - Juniors 15-16, 17-18, Masters 65+ (Men and Women),
40 K Distance - Tandems, 60-64 (Men and Women),
Masters (Men and Women) 55-59, 50-54, 45-49, 40-44, 35-39, 30-34,
Cat 4/5 (Men and Women),
Cat 3 (Men and Women),
Sr 1/2 Men and Women)

From I-5: Take the Corvallis/Tangent Exit #228 (Highway 34) and drive West for approx 8 miles until you reach Peoria Road. Turn due South on Peoria Road for approx 4.8 miles. The Peoria Park Boat Ramp will be on the West side of Peoria Road. The parking lot is ¼ mile South of the Peoria Boat Ramp at the corner of Main and Park Street.

Sign-in will be in the parking lot at the corner of Park and Main Streets in Peoria, OR.
The Promoters and Emerald Velo would like to thank Louis Gerber for allowing us to use his field as a parking lot and staging area. Please take any trash out that you bring in with you. Let's leave the race venue cleaner than we found it.

Please be courteous and respectful towards our hosts. There will be plenty of porta-potties on hand at the staging site.

Riders urinating in public will be disqualified!

Further information will be available at the Emerald Velo web site at www.emeraldvelo.org

Race participants must be an OBRA member. Sign up for OBRA at www.signmeupsports.com or add $5 for a single day license.
Please try and carpool if at all possible.

Emerald Velo thanks our sponsors for supporting bicycle racing in the State of Oregon.

Because of possible inaccurate course measurements in the past and to be consistent in the future, Emerald Velo will recognize the best time established in 2003 as "Course Records"
Category               Name                         Time       
Junior Women 10-12:     Sara Slawta                 0:24:12    
Junior Men 10-12:       Brian Jorgensen             0:18:31    
Junior Women 13-14:     Rachelle Hobson             0:19:20    
Junior Men 13-14:       Kenny Bossen                0:17:40    
Category               Name                         Time       
Junior Women 15-16:     Andrea Fisk                 0:33:57    
Junior Women 17-18:     Anisa Cobb                  0:35:34    
Junior Men 15-16:       Ricky Bossen                0:31:44    
Junior Men 17-18:       Taylor Kneuven              0:27:55    
Masters Men 65+:        Joe Gierga                  0:30:22    
Category                  Name                      Time       
Tandem Mixed:           Kelly and Stephanie Wieber  0:55:46    
Tandem Men:             Michael Hoyt/ Glen Gann     0:54:42    
Masters Women 60+:      Patty Puz                   1:11:52    
Masters Women 55-59:    Jude Russell                1:10:05    
Masters Women 50-54:    Barbara Thiele              1:14:48    
Masters Women 45-49:    Mary Ross                   1:03:56    
Masters Women 40-44:    Janet Howard                1:03:43    
Masters Women 30-34:    Susan Otcenas               1:18:09    
Category 4 Women:       Veronica Valda              1:04:30    
Category 3 Women:       Kristine Rotan              1:03:02    
Senior Women:           Miranda Moon                1:02:35    
Masters Men 60-64:      Jerry Powell                1:06:17    
Masters Men 55-59:      Larry Zagata                1:02:22    
Masters Men 50-54:      George Schreck              0:58:52    
Masters Men 45-49:      Lance Coffel                0:54:44    
Masters Men 40-44:      Dan Vrijmoet                0:54:08    
Masters Men 35-39:      Eric Martin                 0:55:58
Masters Men 30-34:      Adnan Kadir                 0:56:49
Category 4/5 Men:       Shawn McCloud               0:57:31    
Category 3 Men:         Doug Palmer                 0:55:29    
Senior Men:             Corey Stayton               0:52:24 
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