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September 7 through September 28, 2004

Handicap racing at PIR. Riders will start in three groups, approximately two minutes apart. Category 4 riders to start first, followed by category 3, and finally category 1/2. All riders will do the same number of laps, are contesting the same sprints, and will finish as a single group. Category 3 riders have the option of starting with the category 1/2s. Prizes to be awarded based on points accumulated in primes and at the finish.

Category 4/5 riders will race separately, starting at 6:00 pm.

From I-5 take exit #306b west.
The race track is located immediately west of the freeway.

Registration opens at 5:30, and closes five minutes before the start of each race.
Registration is located near the start/finish area in the middle of the main grand stands.
OBRA membership required: single-day membership for $5 or annual membership for $15
OBRA Categories and rules apply

Start Times:
Category 4/5 riders will start at 6:00 pm.
All other riders will assemble near the starting line at 6:30. Category 4 riders will go first, followed by category 3 two minutes later, and category 1/2 approximately two minutes after that. Officials will adjust start times according to race distance and previous week results. Category 3 riders have the option to start with the category 1/2s.

Entry fee is $10.00. Category 4/5: $8.00. Juniors: $5.00. This series has no affiliation with the PIR Tuesday night series that ended August 31. Team and season passes for that event will not be accepted.

All riders in the handicap event will do the same distance. Distances will be adjusted for darkness, and should range from 8-12 laps, or 15 to 23 miles. The category 4/5 race, starting at 6:00pm will be 6-8 laps.

$500 in gift certificates and cash, to be awarded at the end of the series.

Course Description:
Flat 1.9 mile loop, wide road with excellent pavement, closed to traffic.

Steven Mullen
Email: scmullen@aol.com
Phone: 503-788-8704

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