Nomad Racing Presents
Charley Christensen Memorial
September 6 through September 27, 2005


Handicap racing at PIR.  Racing starts at 5:50 pm every Tuesday in September.

“Cat and mouse” racing, with riders dividing into two groups. The first group will be given a head start, with the second group starting approximately one to two minutes later. The second group must catch the first in order to contest sprints.  Both groups do the same number of laps, and finish at the same time.

From I-5 take exit #306b west.
The race track is located immediately west of the freeway.

Registration opens at 5:15, and closes five minutes before the start of each race.
Registration is located near the start/finish area in the middle of the main grand stands.
OBRA membership required: single-day membership for $5 or annual membership for $20
OBRA Categories and rules apply

To pre-register, go to www.obra.org/forms, print a standard release form, and mail, with payment, to:

Steven Mullen
7314 SE 27th Ave
Portland, OR 97202

Pre-registration for the series must be received by September 3.

Start Times:
Women, all categories, start at 5:50 pm.
Category 4/5 Novice race starts at 6:00 pm.
Category 1-4 race starts at 6:30 pm.

Women's Race:
The women's race is open to all category riders. Pro and category 1 riders will be on hand to work with the category 4/5 group. Category 1-4 women may elect to ride in the 6:30 event, as well, by paying an additional $5.00 at sign in.

Novice Race:
The Category 4/5 Novice race is open to all USCF/OBRA Category 4 and 5 riders, as well as category 3 women. Pro and category 1 riders will be on hand to do coaching, paceline clinics, and to ride a portion of the race offering feedback and advice. This is a great opportunity to get an introduction to bicycle racing,and to work on your paceline skills. Category 4 riders may elect to ride the category 1-4 race at 6:30, as well, by paying an additional $5.00 at sign in.

The chief referee will determine specific handicap times based on number of riders, results from the previous week, and number of laps to be ridden. Category 4 riders may ride in either race (category 4/5 Novice at 6:00 pm, or category 1-4 at 6:30 pm).  Women and juniors may ride down one category. Riders may be shuffled between groups, at the referee's discretion.

Entry fee: $15.00 per night, or $40.00 for the series (4 races).
Women and Juniors: $5.00.
Second race (each night): $5.00

The women's and category 4/5 races will last approximately 30 minutes, with distances adjusted depending on the speed of each race. Distances for the cat 1-4 race at 6:30 will be adjusted for darkness, and should range from 8-12 laps, or 15 to 23 miles.

Course Description:
Flat 1.9 mile loop, wide road with excellent pavement, closed to traffic.

$1500 in gift certificates and merchandise, to be awarded at the end of the series.  The overall series winners for both the category 4/5 novice race, and the category 1-4 race will receive a single speed racing frame from Fort Frames.

Proceeds will be used to establish a Charley Christensen Memorial Fund.

Thank you

Please thank our sponsors:

Fort Frames. http://www.fortframes.com 
BicyclingHub.com.   http://www.bicyclinghub.com
Schwalbe Tires. 


Steven Mullen

7314 SE 27th Ave
Portland, OR 97202

Email: scmullen@aol.com
Phone: 503-788-8704

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