Annual meeting 4:00 PM Kamm Room
  • OBRA racing rule changes
  • BAR competition changes
  • Review financials
  • Elect board members
Voting is done by club representatives. Make sure that someone from your club attends so that your concerns are heard. Clubs must have paid 2005 dues.

Banquet 6:00
  • Pasta Buffet
Awards for
  • Best All Round
  •   Masters Women          30-34      Hallquist, Charissa              BBC                      
      Masters Women          35-39      Leitheiser, Ann                  Half Fast Velo           
      Overall Master Women   40-44      Vine, Connie                     NoMad Cycling Team       
      Masters Women          45-49      Mautner, Meg                     NoMad Cycling Team       
      Masters Women          50-54      Thiele, Barbara                  Team Rose City           
      Masters Women          55-59      Boswell, Diane                   Hutch's Bend             
      Masters Women          60+        Russell, Jude                    Sorella Forte            
      Masters Men            30-34      Pettinger, Damon                 Cal Giant                
      Masters Men            35-39      Hogan, Richard                   Cycle Analysis           
      Overall Master Men     40-44      Dunn, Michael                    Half Fast Velo           
      Masters Men            45-49      Meadors, Ivan                    Huntair                  
      Masters Men            50-54      Schreck, George                  Huntair                  
      Masters Men            55-59      Wiest, John                      NoMad Cycling Team       
      Masters Men            60-64      Russell, David                   Huntair                  
      Masters Men            65-69      Wendling, Jean                                            
      Masters Men            70+        Henry, Clark                                              
      Junior Women           Under 12   Graham, Fiona                    BBC                      
      Junior Women           13-14      Jones, Andrea                    Forza Jet Velo           
      Overall Junior Wmn     15-16      Woolcock, Kayla                  Team Oregon              
      Junior Women           17-18      Fisk, Andrea                     RAD Racing               
      Junior Men             Under 12   Horman, Ethan                    Forza Jet Velo           
      Junior Men             13-14      Rathe, Jacob                     BBC                      
      Overall Junior Men     15-16      Suditu, Richard                  BBC                      
      Junior Men             17-18      Kentner, Jason                   BBC                      
      Tandem                            Cornilles, Gary & Miller, Lori   Columbia River Velo      
      Senior Men                        Doyle, Sean                      DeSalvo Custom Bicycles  
      Senior Women                      Kunz, Kori                       EWEB Windpower           
  • Oregon Cup
  •   Men                
      1   Reeb, Donald       
      2   Campbell, Rob      
      3   Skerritt, Shannon  
      4   Winter, Zach       
      5   Willett, Kirk      
      1   Whitlatch, Shanan  
      2   Martin, Kerry      
      3   Magness, Lisa      
      4   Duff, Miranda      
      5   Kunz, Kori         

For reservations please return form to OBRA with $20 per person

Send to:
PO Box 16355
Portland, OR 97292

For more information call Candi Murray at 503-667-6220 or cmurray@obra.org
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