Keren Holtz and Kevin Caranahan Memorial
Oregon State Time Trial Championships
FIAC National Time Trial Championships
May 20, 2006 - www.capitolvelo.com

TIME: Entry and rider check-in opens 9:00 am and closes at 10:30 am. First team off at 11:00 am. Teams may be of three or four riders, third rider across the finish line stops the clock.

LOCATION: Verdure, Oregon. From I-5, approx 4 miles South of Albany, take Exit 228, Hwy 34 toward Corvallis. Turn Left on Hinck Road, approximately 4 miles from freeway. Turn right on Tangent Drive, proceed 1 mile to parking at seed warehouse on left hand side of the road at railroad crossing.

COURSE: Flat, approx. 7 mile loop on good roads. Please do not warm up on course.

ENTRY FEE: $60 per team, $35 junior teams

CATEGORIES: (all races are 4 laps or about 28 miles)
Senior Men OBRA & FIAC Medals, FIAC Jerseys
Senior Women OBRA & FIAC Medals, FIAC Jerseys
Cat 3 Men OBRA Medals
Cat 4/5 Men OBRA Medals
Cat 3 Women OBRA Medals
Cat 4 Women OBRA Medals

Masters: Minimum age 30; FIAC: all racers must be 40+; OBRA: any age mix allowed; It's possible to win in both OBRA & FIAC if qualifications are met.
Master Women 120-159 OBRA Medals
Master Women 160-199 OBRA Medals & FIAC Jerseys
Master Women 200-239 OBRA Medals
Master Women 240+ OBRA Medals
Master Men 120-159 OBRA Medals
Master Men 160-199 OBRA & FIAC Medals, FIAC Jerseys
Master Men 200-239 OBRA Medals
Master Men 240+ OBRA Medals
Junior Men OBRA Medals
Junior Women OBRA Medals

Medals go to OBRA or FIAC annual members. Memberships available on site for $20.00

REGISTER: pre-race registration information and forms at www.capitolvelo.com.

CONTACT: Tom Hayden (541) 754-0073 thayden@peak.org or Mark Merkein (541) 754-3716 or Craig Massey cwmassie@comcast.net
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