Team S&M, Kona Bicycle Co., and the Cross Crusade present
The Alpenrose 'Cross Clinics

The Alpenrose Dairy is located at 6149 S.W. Shattuck Rd., Portland, OR 97221.

This year's dates are September 2, 9, 16--all Wednesdays!

Clinics start at 6:30pm sharp and end about 8:00pm (or dark).

Registration is open 6-6:20pm at Alpenrose Dairy. Be on-time as daylight is precious.

How much?
Register for the whole series for $25. However, there is no charge for all Juniors (ages 13-18) and Kids (ages 12 and under). (Kids get their own separate practice group!)

You can pay with cash or check at the first clinic or send a check with a standard OBRA release form to: Team S&M; c/o Sellwood Cycle Repair; 7639 S.E. Milwaukie Ave.; Portland, OR 97202. Please include your email address!

Otherwise, each clinic costs $10. Not sure if you want to do the whole series? No sweat! Come to the first clinic and pay $10, and if you like it then settle the $15 balance at the second clinic. (Our goal is to encourage participation in the whole series.)

What's the best reason to register for the series? It's the only way to qualify for the grand-prize giveaway of a 2009 Kona "Major One" 'cross bike (and other gear). What a gimmick! The raffle will be held Sept. 16, and, yes, you must be present to win.

Hone your 'cross skills with some of the top local 'crossers and most experienced coaches in the Pacific Northwest. Get measured practice first so you can train properly later. Socialize with your brethren. And so on.

Any more questions?
Contact Erik Tonkin via email at tonkin@sellwoodcycle.com or call at 503-233-9392.
  • This is an OBRA event, so all participants must be Oregon Bicycle Racing Association members (OBRA). Annual ($20) or day ($5) licenses are available at the event. Best, the annual CX-only license is just $10 - it'll cover the clinics and the race season!
  • Helmets must be worn while bikes are being ridden!
  • Please see below for notes on the clinics.
  • More information to follow a week before the first clinic!

Notes on the Clinics

  • Register early so we can be ready to practice by 6:30. This will be important as daylight dwindles!
  • We're here to practice our skills, not get a workout. Go slowly at first to hone your technique, and then gradually speed up. That's the healthy and safe way to do it.
  • We'll break into equal-sized groups, each led by one or more coaches. Groups will be divided by experience level. What one coach has to say may "click" better than another, so feel free to work in a different group each week.
  • The first and second clinic will be broken into three segments: first, we'll work on the approach and dismount; second, the transition, going over the barrier or up the run-up; and third, the dreaded remount and get-away.
  • The first clinic might not cover everything. Subsequent clinics will always review the previous week's work. It's like two steps forward, one step back. (The clinics are best if treated like a series: there's definite progression from one to the next.)
  • At the third clinic, we'll apply the skills to segments of real 'cross courses, and the speed of practice will accelerate. However, doing it "right" will remain the objective.
  • Race strategy and technical issues will be discussed at the clinics.
  • The clinics provide the skills necessary for riders to practice on their own or with friends outside of a structured environment.
  • There's a kid-'cross group at each clinic, led by one of our parent-coaches. Feel free to bring the family.
  • Many of our volunteer coaches offer private tutorials. Contact one of them directly or simply contact the promoter.
  • Any bike ('cross, MTB, or road) is acceptable to use at the clinics. However, it's best to practice with the bike you plan to race. (Narrow road tires are not recommended.) It's also best to practice with the pedals you plan to use. (Single-sided, clipless road pedals are not recommended.)
  • We'll practice rain or shine. Be prepared for the weather, as it can quickly turn cold and wet and dark.
  • We will issue weekly updates on each clinic. These will be posted on www.obra.org and www.crosscrusade.com. If you include your email on your registration form, then we may email you directly.
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