Crossover CX Stage Race

Labor Day Weekend - Eugene, Oregon

This is the only cyclocross stage race in the NW


It is run on overall elapsed time over three stages

Sunday, Sept 6th - Cross TT, Cross Crit
Monday, Sept 7th - Long Course Cross

[Men's A/Masters A] - [Men's B/Masters B] - [Men's C/Beginner/Masters C]
[Womens A/B/Masters A/B] - [Women's C/Beg/Masters C] - [SS/Fixie]
[ ] means run together - / means scored seperate
Masters means 40+/50+

We will raffle off a set of 2010 Rolf Cross Wheels between the Category Winners

Registration is $60 by Aug 25th - $75 Day-of
Please send a standard release to:
Co-Motion Classic Racing
6811 Aster Street
Springfield, OR 97478
comotionclassic@comcast.net - (541) 747-3336
This is an OBRA event. All rules apply. Helmets must be worn.
OBRA Membership is required - $20 annual or $5 Daily

Comfort Suites, Host Hotel
3060 E. 25th Ave. Eugene

Rally Coffee Roasters Rolf

Rally Coffee Roasters Rolf Prima

Crossover logo, Rolf logo Rolf Prima

Lane Community College, Eldon Schafer Road
Exit 189 off I-5, 3 miles South of Eugene

Cross TT - 3K Pavement/Gravel/Grass/Barriers

Men's C/Beginner/Masters C - 10:00am
Women's C/Beg/Masters C - 10:15am
Womens A/B/Masters A/B - 10:30am
SS/Fixie - 10:45am
Men's B/Masters B - 11:00am
Men's A/Masters A - 11:30am

Cross Crit - 1K Lap Pavement/Gravel

Kiddie Kilo - 1:00pm
Men's C/Beginner/Masters C 30 min - 1:30pm
Women's C/Beg/Masters C 20 min - 2:15pm
Womens A/B/Masters A/B 30 min - 2:45pm
SS/Fixie 40 min - 3:30pm
Men's B/Masters B 45 min - 4:30pm
Men's A/Masters A 60 min - 5:30pm

Long Course Cross - Pavement/Gravel/Grass/Barriers/Stairs

Kiddie Kilo - 11:00am
Men's C/Beginner/Masters C 45 min - 11:30am
Women's C/Beg/Masters C 30 min - 12:30pm
Womens A/B/Masters A/B 60 min - 1:15pm
SS/Fixie 70 min - 2:30pm
Men's B/Masters B 80 min - 3:45pm
Men's A/Masters A 90 min - 5:00pm
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