Eugene Roubaix Oregon Cup

The Course

The fourth event in the Oregon Cup series will be the Eugene Roubaix.

The 13-mile course features varied terrain and one straight stretch of gravel road. The Eugene Roubaix is relatively flat with approximately 117 meters of rolling hills and one 'berg' (Oak Hill Road). The real trademark is the 1.5 mile gravel section on each lap. The Start/Finish is on Cantrell road approximately 200m after the end of gravel section.

The entire course is suitable for a standard road bike setup, but choose your tires wisely; save the super lightweight tires for another day. Support will be neutral, but we will not provide wheels. The majority of racers bring a spare set of wheels for the neutral wheel pit. You should bring wheels too and not assume someone else will.


From I-5 take exit 195B Beltline West until it ends. Go right on W 11th / Hwy 126. Turn left on K.R. Nielson Rd (1st left after W 11th & Greenhill Road stop light).

Registration and parking

are located at the Fern Ridge Wildlife Area parking lot and along Ken Nielsen Road. The start and finish is just a short ride away on Cantrell Rd.

Race Entry

is $25 for registrations postmarked April 24th or earlier. Registration after April 25th is an additional $5. Mail checks payable to "Hughes & Kuhns' Events" at 2970 Onyx St., Eugene, OR 97403. Race day registration and sign-in opens at 8:30 am and closes 20 minutes prior to each start. Annual or one-day OBRA licenses should be purchased from OBRA in advance. Early registrants who fail to sign in will not start and forfeit their entry fee.

Course map available at bikely.com

Scoring, Start Times and Distances

Start Time Field/Category Distance Laps
10:00 Men 1, 2, 65 5
10:05 Men Masters 40+ 52 4
10:10 Women 1, 2, 3* 39 3
14:00 Men Cat 3 52 4
14:05 Men 4** 39 3
14:10 Men 5** 39 3
14:10 Woman 4 26 2

Note: all distances are approximated within 5% of actual distance.

Notes: * Women 3 will be scored separately, but prizes will be awarded to field placers. **The promoters reserve the right to combine the category 4 and 5 fields depending on field sizes.

Prizes: $50, $25 and $15

cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in the 1/2 men's and 1/2/3 women's races. All other categories will receive merchandise and gift certificates for the top three in each field. This race is also an Oregon Cup event. The top 20 finishers in the senior men 1/2 and senior women 1/2/3 will receive Oregon Cup points.

Some prizes provided by:

GU Rolf Prima

Portable Restrooms provided by:
Best Pots

*Your participation in the Eugene Roubaix is voluntary and race organizers are not responsible for personal injury, loss or damage of equipment or theft directly or indirectly related to your voluntary participation in this event.

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