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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Do you hate hills? Have you been eating too many donuts and drinking too much beer? Do you despise the climb at Rainier? Have you been suffering from flat race withdrawal? Then we have the race for you. K-Man productions brings you the second annual Apple Core Cross at EZ Orchards. Fun and flat it's perfect for the folks who climb like dumptrucks or for those who are new to the sport. We threw some barriers down and put in some tricky corners but it's great for beginners and clyds. We're in it to have a fun race where you can start rolling when the whistle blows- not 5 minutes later.

Oh and for this year- we're running a Women's C race with the women. What does that mean? You'll race with the Beginner women (same start wave) but we'll make a notation by your result saying you raced as a C. We're going to have a tweener cross race. What the heck is a tweener? Tweeners are little people who are too young to be a junior but too old to be a kiddie. Sorta like smurfs but a little bit more grown up.

Apple Core Cross is part of the the Guinea Pig Marathon Championship Series...

Photo of racing guinea pigs

oh wait... is that wrong? I mean Apple Core Cross is proud to be a member of the Guinea Pig Molly Cameron Fan Club.

Whee Luv Mohlee, guinea pigs

No – still not it? ok ok... here it is.

Grand Prix Molly Cameron

Grand Prix M.C. Points are awarded 18 deep in each race Points structure is - 26, 20, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Reminder: only your top 7 results count and a minimum of 5 race results needed to have a series overall final ranking.

GPMC Prize List

A combined prize list well over $5,000 across the series. Every series race provides their own prize list at each individual race (cash and/or merchandise). MetaFilter will be provding a $2,000 Cash award for Elite men's and women's final series podium finishers ($500 1st/$300 2nd/$200 3rd). Equal payout.


From Portland (44.2 miles from downtown)

Take I-5 South to exit 260B.
Take a left on Chemawa Road. 1.1 miles
Chemawa Road turns into Hazelgreen Rd. NE 1.4 miles
EZ Orchards is at the corner of Hazelgreen and 55th Ave. NE/Cordon Rd.

From Bend (150 miles)

Take 20 to 22.
Take I-5 toward Portland. 4.6 miles.
Take exit 258 for 99E N toward Pacific Highway E
Turn right at Portland Rd. NW/99E. 1.6 miles.
Take a right onto Hazelgreen Rd. NW 1.4 miles
EZ Orchards is at the corner of Hazelgreen and 55th Ave. NE/Cordon Rd.

From Eugene and points south

Take I-5 toward Portland.
Take exit 258 for 99E N toward Pacific Highway E
Turn right at Portland Rd. NW/99E. 1.6 miles.
Take a right onto Hazelgreen Rd. NW 1.4 miles
EZ Orchards is at the corner of Hazelgreen and 55th Ave. NE/Cordon Rd.

Address is:

5504 Hazelgreen Rd NE
Salem, OR 97305-9502

Website for EZ Orchards:


DO NOT PARK IN THE MARKET LOT- only park in designated areas.


Parking etc.Course map

Race Numbers:

We will be using the Crusade bib numbers.

Memberships and licenses:

OBRA memberships required for all racers. Minimum age to race is 10 years old. One day memberships will be available for $5 and annuals for $15 at the venue.



8:50 AM Men Beginner (40 min)
9:40 AM Men Category C, Clydesdale (45 min)
10:35 AM Break/Course Preview (10 min)
10:45 AM Men Masters Category C 35+ (45 min)
11:40 AM Men Masters B 35+, Masters 50+, Masters 60+, Jrs 12+ (45 min)
12:35 PM Kiddie Kross, Tweener Cross (25 min)
1:15 PM Men Category A and 35+ A, Women Category A (60 min)
2:25 PM Break/Course Preview (10 min)
2:35 PM Women: Cat B, Cat C, Beginners, Masters 35+ A and B, 45+, Jrs 12+ (45 min)
3:30 PM Category B, Single Speed Men & Women (45 min)


Cat A Men & Women
$50 to the winner of the first lap (1x for the women, 1x for the men)
$10 for the wearer of the skimpiest outfit (women must wear at least a bra and panties, men must wear at least panties.. er... undies. In case of a tie, the tie will be settled by who can do 10 pushups and a 25 yard dash the fastest)

Prizes for other categories:
Other prizes will be random but may include doughnuts and/or fruit.

Important notes:

Cyclocross rules in effect. Standard Bicycle racing rules apply. Approved helmets required at all times (including riding to and from registration, during warm-up, cool down) while at the venue. Failure to comply could result in disqualification. Course is closed for warm-up until clearance has been given by the chief judge and/or race director. Please use the provided Port-a-Potties, not the bushes. OBRA and the organizers of this race do not provide insurance coverage for injuries that occur at the race. The costs related to those injuries are the responsibility of the individual participant. Helmets must be worn at all times while on a bike. Promoter reserves the right to refuse entry for any reason.


Register online (until 5pm 11/4)
Juniors: $5
Cat A: $25 online/$30 onsite
All other Cats: $20 online/$25 onsite
Second race of the day: $10

Mail in: Fill out the race release mail with checks made out to
Kenji Sugahara
PO Box 5773
Salem, OR 97304


Kenji Sugahara

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