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A road race over the historic Vanport city roads. Rough pavement, gravel, smooth tarmac.

8am-9:45 am Course open
10 am Cat 4/5, junior men 1 hour $15 seniors, $10 Juniors
11:15 am All women 1 hour $15 seniors, $10 juniors
12:15-1:15 pm Course open
1:30 pm Cat 1/2/3 men 2 hours $25

$1195 total cash prize list, 3 deep:
Cat 1/2 men $350
Cat 3 men $175
Cat 4/5 men $175
Cat 1/2 women $175
Cat 3 women $90
Cat 4 women $90
Juniors $70

Plus merchandise Sprint Primes

Directions and parking:
Exit 306b west, North on N expo road, west on N broadacre
Parking within venue is all day. Short term parking available outside of venue
Please use public transit or ride your bikes to the venue
Please lock your bikes when not in use

More information:
Doug Moak
(503) 998-4481

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