Eugene Roubaix
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Eugene Roubaix. Eugene Roubaix. The 13.7 mile course features varied terrain and one straight stretch of gravel. The Eugene Roubaix is relatively flat with approximately 200 meters of climbing and on 'berg (Oak Hill Road).. The real trademark is the 1.5 mile gravel section on each lab. The Start/Finish is on Central road well before the gravel section. Map available online here.

The Races
10:00am 4 - men (~41, 3 laps)
10:05am 5 - men 5 (~41, 3 laps)
10:10am - 4, 5 men masters (~41, 3 laps)
10:15am - 3, 4, 5, & masters 40+ women (~41 mi, 3 laps), scored separately**
2:00pm 1, 2 - men (~68mi, 5 laps)
2:05pm 3 - men (~55mi, 4 laps)
2:10pm 1, 2, 3 men masters 40+ (~55mi, 4 laps)
2:15pm 1, 2, 3 women (~55 mi, 4 laps), scored separately**

**category 3 women may select either the 1/2/3 or 3/4/5 race.

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Dillon: Caldwell541[at] gmail [dot com]

6th Annual Euro Mullet Competition. In honor of the great Laurent Brochard, a special prize awaits the bearer of the coiffure suprÍme.

Prizes. $34 for each of the top 3 and 34th place.
A free tube to the first 5 DNFs in the morning and afternoon.
Cash prizes awarded or mailed following final results.

Online registration ONLY.
Early Registration. $27.75.
Registration from April 16th through April 27th. $33.75.
AM day-of registration closes at 8:29a. $42.75.
PM day-of registration closes at 12:20pm. $42.75.
Online only, no cash.
Register online HERE

Race Check-in for all categories.
AM check-in opens at 8:31am and closes at 9:40am.
PM check-in opens 12:31pm and closes at 1:40pm.
Failure to check-in forfeits entry and refund.

OBRA one-day or annual license required.
Licenses available during registration.

Directions and Parking.
Parking will be available at Willamette Leadership Academy, 87230 Central Road, Eugene, OR.
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