Upper Echelon Introduction to Race Skills Clinic
Saturday, February 9th

Alpenrose Dairy Velodrome 6149 SW Shattuck, Portland Oregon


Saturday, February 9th 10:00am -12:00pm

The day will be focused on introducing new racers to bike handling and race skills needed for riding in a group, drafting, going around turns in a group, safety, and energy conservation. We will also be covering some of the basic information needed for racing with Q & A and a few other basics as they relate to the skills. The main goal of this event is to cover topics regarding on the bike skills and knowledge needed for being comfortable, being energy efficient in a group of riders and maintaining safety for both the rider and the group while covering as many of the bike skills and topics as possible. Be sure to bring your bike and cycling apparel needed for a ride. Although we will not be leaving the Alpenrose dairy for the clinic, you will be riding your bike outside in whatever weather conditions are present.

For an event focused on OBRA rules, race information, categories, registration, race licenses, age groups and other information pertinent to racing, but not regarding on the bike skills, please attend the racing information clinic on Thursday, February 7th, 7pm at Upper Echelon Fitness, as we want to keep people moving and focusing on bike skills as much as possible in this event! Both clinics will be very helpful to a new racer with different information covered in each, so you will get a lot out of attending both events!!

For questions or more information, please email Chris Swan: chris@upperechelonfitness.com

We look forward to seeing you!

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