Upper Echelon Introduction to Racing Info Clinic
Thursday, February 7th

Upper Echelon Fitness, 1420 NW 17th Ave. Suite 388 Portland, OR 97209


Thursday, February 7th, 7:00pm-8:30pm

This clinic will be covering topics including OBRA rules, categories, the registration process and basic safety concerns. It will also be a chance for you to talk to coaches and officials who have loads of race experience to answer any questions you may have surrounding racing. This is an indoor presentation with no riding or on the bike work so that we have plenty of time to make sure we cover questions and information that is important to know regarding racing, but does not directly involve riding your bike.

For a clinic focused on bike handling skills, safety, group riding skills and other skills that are on the bike, please attend our clinic on Saturday, February 9th at 10am, located at Alpenrose Dairy. Both clinics will be very helpful to a new racer, and will be covering different information, so you will get a lot out of attending both events!

For questions or more information, please email Chris Swan: chris@upperechelonfitness.com

We look forward to seeing you!

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