Awards Party & Annual Meeting

Saturday, February 9th

Upper Echelon Fitness

1420 NW 17th Ave. Suite 388
Portland, OR 97209

Annual Meeting
2:00pm - 4:30pm

The annual meeting will be held at Upper Echelon on February 9th and will run from 2-4:30 PM. We'll be voting on new racing rules and electing board members. If you're interested in becoming a board member, please submit your name and a brief bio by January 25th to kenji@obra.org. Please send an e-mail if you would like to propose a rule change too. If you are a paid team for 2012, you will be eligible to vote at the meeting.

Proposed Rule Changes

Board of Directors Candidates

Awards Party
6:00pm - 9:00pm

The OBRA Awards party is also on February 9th from 6-9 PM at Upper Echelon Fitness in Portland (1420 NW 17th). To mix things up, there is no cost to attend. We'll be celebrating BAR winners, Oregon Cup winners, winners of the TT Cup and the winners of the Veloforma Norman Babcock Cat 4/5 women's series. Bring your friends and party!


Tour de France inspired Hors d'ouevres at 6:00 pm

Fresh baked croissants & baguette
Deli tray with meats and cheeses, rustic jam and cream cheese
Roasted and fresh vegetables with ranch dip
Dr. Allen Lim's power potatoes and rice cakes
Individual quiche
Fresh fruit
Fig bars
Finger dessert selection

Overall BAR Winners

Senior Men
Russell Cree Upper Echelon Fitness: Sports Medicine and Training

Senior Women
Tina Brubaker Upper Echelon Fitness: Sports Medicine and Training

Master Women
Master Women 55-59
Melissa Boyd Pacific Power Blue Sky

Master Men
Master Men 60-64
Steve Troseth Pacific Power Blue Sky

Junior Women
Jr Women 15-16
Hannah McDade Beaverton Bicycle Club

Junior Men
Jr Men 13-14
Brian Hart Jr. Hapi-Go!

John Cacabelos/Margareta Germeaux

Cat 3 Men
Adam Artner Land Shark

Cat 4/5 Men
Dustin Harder Harder Cycling

Cat 3 Women
Courtney Gould Sorella Forte p/b St Honoré Bakery

Cat 4/5 Women
Jennifer Haliewicz Trusty Switchblade

Age Graded

Jr Men 10-12
Nathanael Hart Hapi-Go!

Jr Men 15-16
Erik Hahn Beaverton Bicycle Club

Jr Men 17-18
Stephan Roberts PDX Devo Junior Cycling

Jr Women 10-12
Lauren Ziehnert Beaverton Bicycle Club

Jr Women 13-14
Amy Ziehnert Beaverton Bicycle Club

Jr Women 17-18
Sharon Hart Hapi-Go!

Master Men 40-44
Dan Shepherd Team Cycle Sport

Master Men 45-49
Tim Butler Evolution Racing Team

Master Men 50-54
Paul Mautner Team Rose City

Master Men 55-59
Steve Yenne Upper Echelon Fitness: Sports Medicine and Training

Master Men 65-59
Terry Atwood Portland Velo

Master Women 40-44
Sarah Tisdale Sorella Forte p/b St Honoré Bakery

Master Women 45-49
Maggie Rising Portland Velo

Master Women 50-54
Renata Hahn Team Rose City

Master Women 60+
Flo Leibowitz Pacific Power Blue Sky

Other Competitions

Oregon Cup
(Podium presentation to top 3, 4th and 5th place will be distributed at event)
Cat 4/5 Women Series Results
(Podium presentation to top 3, 4th and 5th place will be distributed at event)
Oregon TT Cup
(Trophy to First Place only)
  1. Paul Bourcier
  2. Scott Grey
  3. Stephen Bedford
  4. David Klipper
  5. Christopher Hamilton
  1. Brianna Walle
  2. Brenna Lopez-Otero
  3. Heather VanValkenburg
  4. Maire Osborn
  5. Lindsay Fox
  1. Christine Jerko
  2. Rachel Dana
  3. Heather Johnson
  4. Karin Wohlert
  5. Rachel Lee

Colby Wait-Molleneux
Adam Kennedy
Kevin Short
Stewart Campbell
Ron Babcock
David Zimbelman
Jeff Buck
Chad Butler
Ben Clark
Grant McElroy
Emerson Webb
Brett Donis
Leia Tyrrell
Helen Kennedy
Christy Love
Heather Myers
Brenda Spinney
Cindy McCasker
Joanne Hillinger
Amy Ziehnert
Hannah McDade
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