Forms and information for racers

  pdf   Membership Application   Annual OBRA racing license application  
  pdf   Cross Membership Application   Cross OBRA racing license application  
  html   Membership Application (online form)   Annual OBRA racing license application  
  pdf   Single Event Racing License Application   Provides a single event OBRA license for those that choose not to purchase a year-long membership  
  pdf   Registration form and release   Race registration form that includes an accident waiver and release of liability for event competitors  
  pdf   Medical Occurrence   Form to submit to OBRA after a crash, accident, or another medical occurence.  
  pdf   Team Membership Application   Annual application for OBRA teams and clubs  
  html   Team Membership Application (online form)   Annual application for OBRA teams and clubs (please confirm that you are eligible for the discounted price with kenji@obra.org before choosing the reduced price)  
  doc   OBRA rules
  doc   OBRA administrative rules
  html   Upgrade rules

Forms and information for promoters

  html   All forms and information are at http://industry.obra.org      

Forms and information for officials

  xls   Example results file   Results should be submitted in this form (labels in first row, place in first column, category names in first column above first place for each category)
Please use typical category names that don't start with a number. (e.g. "Category 4 Men" rather than "4 Men")
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