Results Process and Appeals

Results are the responsibility of the Chief Judge of the race. The results are deemed final within 15 minutes of when they are posted at an event. If you feel that they are in error you must notify the Chief Judge within that time period.

It is standard procedure for the Chief Judge to only pick the top 15 of a group at the finish. The exceptions to this are: in a stage race, all the participants are timed and picked and, for an Oregon Cup race, we pick the top 20. More manpower is needed to pick a full field of 30+ riders.

If a rider suspects an error, the rider should report that to the judge along with other helpful information (like the names or numbers of other riders in the group).

The judge is not highly paid and should be treated with respect. Officials really do appreciate it when a rider comes back up to the finish and makes comments such as "Just checking to see that you got me, I think I was 7th." Sometimes the riders should wait a few minutes but still stopping by is very much appreciated.

Please remember that in a road race it is unacceptable to ride with any rider who is not in your group. So, if a women finishes within a pack of male riders, that is not considered fair.

If you have have questions about results after the race and would like to contact the Chief Judge, you can email the Chief Judge directly or you can email the person that emailed the results to the OBRA email list.

Spelling mistakes, incomplete names, and similar errors

Results on the OBRA web site are provided by the officials. If your name is misspelled or your team is missing, it is because the officials did not provide the information. Generally, racers can do a lot to prevent errors.

If you want your name spelled correctly or you have a specific request for team designation, make sure that when you register for the race and you fill out the release form (or sign in), that you write clearly. The registration information is given to the Chief Judge who uses it to write results.

Many races pull your information from a central database. If you change teams after you renew your annual license, contact Kenji Sugahara and let him know that your team has changed.

To be sure that you are not misindentified in the results, please place your number carefully according to the directions provided by the officials or promoter of that particular race. You can also refer to these number placement examples. Also, race under the number you provide at registration. Do not borrow a friend's number, use last year's number or use a rental number that wasn't assigned to you.

If you want to be sure that your information is correct, you can stop by the race finish and make a polite inquiry.

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