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Track Development Class
6:00 pm to dusk (2-3 hours)
Every Wednesday unless it rains
Setup at 5:30 pm
April 29th to August 26th

(except 7/1 which falls during the Six Day)


The Scoop

This class is your first step in making the steep banks of Alpenrose Velodrome your playground. Learn how to pedal a fixed gear, stay safely on the track and go fast. Class will focus on upcoming events in case you ever want to give racing a try.

There's no advanced sign up, only day of.  This means, it's first come first serve for the rental bikes and class.  It rarely happens, but the classes may be limited to about 30 riders, so come early and get your name on the sign-up/waiver sheet to be one of the 30.

The rental bikes are only available for the classes and races, and are $5.  The rental bikes come in even number centimeter seat tube sizes, with the smallest size being 48cm, all with 700c wheels.  We also have a small fleet of 43cm seat tube rentals with 650c wheels.  For us to efficiently pick a rental for you it helps if you can tell us what your road bike seat tube height is.  Please remember, these are rental bikes, they're not suppose to fit you perfectly!  You may not change out parts or modify anything on the rental bikes without permission, with exception of the seat height.

For the classes you may also use your own track bike (fixed gear) if it passes OBRAs track bike requirements for mass starts.  Basically, that states the bike must be a fixed gear, have drop bars with plugs and no brake levers.

Riders are grouped in the class by ability and skill level. Please keep in mind, however, that the Track Development Classes are primarily designed for beginners and are not intended as training sessions.

The track is open during daylight hours, when it's not raining, and if there isn't a race or session scheduled.  If there's a training session, you can ride if you check in with the lead person and you follow their direction.

$10 for the class only (ride your own bike) or $5 for the class, $5 for bike rental. Please bring exact change. Checks should be payable to "Portland Velodrome Committee".

Please arrive by 5:30 if you need a rental bike.

Bring your own water, helmet, pedals, and shoes. If you have only sneakers, pedals with toe clips are available. Also, bring warm clothes if it is cold - there will be time spent standing around.

Info: Steve Garcia, 503-709-7500, velodromeracing@yahoo.com

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