The weekly Thursday evening races at the Alpenrose Velodrome start in April.  The first race will be April 5 and we will be racing every Thursday from then to the end of September.

April racing will be Madison racing only.  If you have never raced Madison racing before this is the time to start.  We will make pairings at the race so don't worry about having to have a partner arranged beforehand.  The races will be less competative than later in the season so this is the place to go for new or experienced Madiosn riders.

May will be the World Championship events.  The first week, May 3, we do the Kilometer and 500m TT.  May 10 is Pursuit, May 17 is 200m TT, May 24 will be Points races and May 31 will be Sprints.  If we rain out one of these dates the schedule will change so that we do not miss one of the events.

From May trhough August we will:
-The first Thursday of the month will be a single long points race for each category
-The last Thursday will be Sprint night, all riders sprint, seeded by 200 m TT times
- The other nights will have 3 races for each category and a Madison.

The first Points race night will be a specia; night sponsored by EnSalle.  Jack has donated severaal cogs that will be given as prizes that night.

In September we plan to return to Madison racing.

Track bikes will be avsilable for loan for $5.  Entry fees are $7 per night.  Season entry is $75. Bike locker space is available for $100/season.  Lockers will be rented first come, first serve at the races.

For more information feel free to send me a message.

Mike Murray

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