Hutch's Bear Springs Trap Sunday April 29th:
Single lap format starting at Mc Cubbins Gulch will give everyone a chance
to experience the beauty of Mt. Hood east-side's landscape.  Late
Registration opens at 8:30 am.  The start  will be at 10:30 am with 3 heats
every 15 min.   The start order for the 30 Mile loop for Pro/Exp, 20 Mile
loop for Sports and 10 Mile loop for Beginners will be determined at a
later time based on the course layout.  We will be using ARROWS and RIBBONS
to keep all of you on the right course.  How to get there?   19 Miles S.E.
from SkiBowl/Gov't Camp on Hwy. 26 to Hwy. 216 drive East 4 1/4 Miles to
Rd. 2110.  Take a left onto Rd. 2110 follow it for 1 Mile to the
Start/Finish area.  Dry camping available at Mc Cubbins Gulch Campground.
NW Forest Pass required.

Fat Tire Farm Spring Fling Saturday May 5th:
Downhill Enduro on Dog River Trail.  Does your bike weigh 45 lbs?..then
leave it home!  This course is over 4 Miles long and takes 12 minutes + to
finish!! And you will have to use your legs.  Uphill transportation will be
provided by Van's with trailers just like last year.  Park your rigs safely
along Hwy. 35 near the finish. Single run format for all categories, with 2
min. intervals between Expert racers, will start at 11:30 am with training
from 8:00 am - 10:30 am on Saturday only.  It starts on Rd. 620 then
follows Dog River Trail to the finish at Hwy 35 mile post 78.  Entry fee is
$30.- for all categories, juniors receive a $5.- discount.  To get to the
Start, take Rd. 44 from Hwy 35/MP 71 and follow it for 3.6 Miles to Rd.
620.  For camping opportunities call Hood River Ranger District at (541)

State Games of Oregon Friday - Sunday June 22nd-24th:
This annual weekend held at Mt. Hood SkiBowl starts at 12:00 pm on Friday
with official training for Downhill & Dual held on Saturday and Cross
Country that is held on Sunday.  Late Registration opens at 11:00 am on
Friday, 7:00 am on Saturday & 7:30 am on Sunday.  Lift assisted DH 2 run
format for Pro/Exp starts at 10:00 am followed by 1 run format for Sports
at approx. 11:00 am & Beginners at 11:30.  The race takes each class from
the top of SkiBowl Mtn. to the base of the ski area on different courses
that match your abilities. Dual races start at approx. 2 :00 pm with a
single qualification run, seating competitors according to their times for
single run eliminations.  Sunday's Cross Country event takes you on
multiple laps around SkiBowl and Multorpor Mtns.  Get ready for mountainous
terrain, lots of climbing and beautiful views of Mt. Hood, if your in good
enough shape to enjoy them. Sports start at 9:30 am for approx. 18 Miles
multiple lap format, followed by Beginners at 10:00 am for approx. 9 Mile
loop.  Trails are then free for Pro/Exp to start at 12:00 pm on their
journey of thousands of vertical feet of climbing and descending on the
always changing 25 Mile course. Downhill entry fees for Pro/Exp $35.-
Sports and Beg. $30.-, Juniors $5.- Discount, includes Fri training 12-4:00
pm, Dual entry $15.-/$10.- Juniors.  For camping or lodging information
call Mt. Hood Information Center at (503) 622-4822 or (888) 622-4822.

Jim Treviso Memorial Tour Saturday & Sunday July 28th & 29th:
This annual memorial will be held on Saturday for the second time in a tour
format instead of a race.  If you missed it last year, ask those who
experienced the 57 Miles of "Torture", 35 Miles of "I'm not sure about the
long one yet", or 19 Miles of "I'm building up to it!"  fun weekend of
riding, Fine dining in the woods (No Kidding), camping and camaraderie.  If
you would like to know where, how to get there, how we will transport you
and feed you during the ride contact us for details.

OBRA Finals Scotty Graham Memorial Friday-Sunday Aug. 31st - Sept. 2nd:
This second annual event will be held in the same/similar format and times
as the State Games of  Oregon (see June 22-24).  Overall awards will be
awarded for OBRA series in DH and XC. Mt. Hood Series  overall awards in XC
& DH will be based on all three races. Take the opportunity off this long
weekend and bring your family to the SkiBowl Action Park (26 Attractions
including the Bungee Tower & Can Am Carts) Then enjoy a FUN Labor Day
Monday with the family racing around the Action Park!

100 Miles of SkiBowl Saturday Sept. 15th:
This is the 2nd annual Downhill Team event.  4 member Downhill teams ride
the 2.5 Mile run earning 10 Miles per team toward their 100 Mile goal. Each
member should average about 10 runs.  Test your endurance, your equipment
and team work! Should you, your equipment or a teammate not last the 3 1/3
hours it's up to the other team members to work it out what ever it takes
to make those 40 runs!  It starts at 10:00 am with 5 minute intervals
between teams until the first team reaches 40 runs. Starting times are
considered before stopping other teams once the first team reaches 100 Miles.

First Annual Heel & Wheel at SkiBowl Saturday Sept. 22nd:
Should you like to try this minidualthon consisting of running and Mtn.
Biking this would be the time to do it!  Mountainous terrain but short
distances will guarantee an enjoyable experience for most abilities. 3 Mile
run 10 Mile Bike.

Bend's Big Fat Tour Saturday & Sunday Oct. 13th & 14th:
If you are still in shape for fall riding (sometimes through beautiful
fluffy snow) come to this Central Oregon Classic.  Paul Thomasberg will
design the Epic 70 Miles, Recreational 40 Miles and short of 20 Miles
elementary route which you will never forget!  Each year Mtn. Bike
personalities form around the country come to find out why Paul is called
PROMISBERG!  For details contact Promisberg@bendcable.com or (541) 383-2243

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Discipline: OBRA # DH: XC:

Type of Payment/Amount:  Cash Check Credit Card (accepted on site)

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