26th Running of the Piece of Cake Road Race

Sunday March 25th

The same traditional course as in 1999. In the heart of grass seed country in Linn County, near the community of Halsey.  The course is a flat wind swept course with winding and open roads.  A 7.9 mile loop.  Surface conditions grade from excellent to rough pavement, with a safe finish area.  LIGHT TIRES ARE NOT RECOMMENDED.  We have a covered registration area thanks to Oak Park Farms.  We would like to thank Oak Park Farms for the use of their property.  The best way that we can thank them is by respecting their property, and picking up after ourselves.

From I-5 north or south, take Exit 216, and head west on Oregon Hwy 228.  Travel 2.3 miles until you reach 99E, turn north on 99E and travel 2.0 mile, until you reach Oak Plain Drive,  Turn right or west on Oak Plain Drive and travel 1.5 miles to the Start/Finish area.  Driving distance from Portland is about 90 miles.
Note: If you show up after some of the races have started, please exercise caution when traveling from Dannen Road to the parking area.


Group       Start time  Mileage     laps    prize (cash and merchandise)    Places

Pro/1/2     10:00 AM    ~71 miles   9   $600.00             10
Cat3        10:05 AM    ~64 miles   8   $300.00             5
Cat 4/5     ~10:20 AM*  ~47.5 miles 6   $175.00             4
Masters 35+/45+ 12:15 PM    ~55 miles   7   $175.00**           3
Women Pro/1/2/3 12:35 PM    ~55 miles   7   $400.00             5
Juniors     12:40 PM    ~40 miles   5   $175.00             4
Women Cat 4***    1:00 PM   ~40 miles   5   $175.00             4

*Cat 4/5 will start after the Pro/1/2 men and the Category 3 men complete one lap
**Masters 35+ and 45+ will start together but will be scored separately if the number of registrants in over 5 in age group
***Category 4 women will only be run if  there is a minimum of 5 women in this group

Pre-registration is $17.00, day of race $20.00
Please make checks payable to:
Mail Pre-registration forms to
C/O David Beede
PO Box 1241
Eugene, OR 97440

Envelopes must be post marked no later than 3/20

e-mail: dtbeede@aol.com
phone: 206619-5961

The Piece of Cake Road Race is Race # 2 in the Oregon Cup

Promoter reserves the right to combine or split groups
ANSI approved helmets are required when on the bike
Registration will begin between 8 and 8:30
Piece of Cake is a OBRA event.  USCF licenses will not be honored.
OBRA one-day licenses are available for $5.00
OBRA Annual licenses are available for $15.00
All competitors are required to read and sign the standard athletes release form
Supply a corner marshal and receive free entry and the person you provide will receive lunch.  However, the expectation is, is that they will cover there assignment for the duration of the race.

FORTUNA FAVIT FORTIBUS  (Fortune Favors the Brave)

Name_______________________________________Age (as of 12/31/2001)________________






Check only one below

Pro/1/2 men         ___
Pro/1/2 women       ___
Category 3      ___
Category 4/5        ___
Category 4 women    ___
Masters 35+     ___
Masters 45+     ___
Juniors         ___

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