2001 Oregon Hillclimb Championship
July 22, 2001
Timberline Road, Mt. Hood
Start Time:  10:00 am
Check in 8:30-9:30 am.  Government Camp Rest Area
Distance:  5.6 miles
Elevation Gain:  Approximately 3000'

Course Description:  The Timberline Hill Climb Time Trial climbs steadily
through a wooded
area of alpine fir on a narrow twisting road.  The surface is somewhat
rough due to old
pavement.  The last half mile or so is quite steep and riders should expect
some spectator
congestion near the finish area.  Riders should also expect some gravel on
the descending left
turn where the West Leg road joins the main Timberline road.  Every effort
will be made to
sweep the area

Assembly and Starting Information:  First rider off at 10:00.  Riders
should be at the start
area at least five minutes before scheduled start time.  Riders will not be
held or pushed and
must be stopped with one foot on the ground when starting.  Start times
will be 1 minute apart
in the following order:  Tandem, Junior Women 10-14, Junior Women 15-18,
Junior Men 10-12, Junior Men 13-14, Junior Men 15-16, Junior Men 17-18,
Masters Women 50+, Masters Women 40-49, Masters Women 30-39,Cat 4 Women,
Women,  Master Men 50+,Masters Men 45-49, Masters Men 40-44, Master Men
35-39, Master Men 30-34, Cat 4/5 Men, Senior Men. (Citizens may race as Cat
4/5 or in their Age class)

Awards:  OBRA Medals for first 3 OBRA riders in each class.  $50 for the
fastest man and
women of the day.  OBRA membership waived for out of state riders.  One day
available for $5.00

Registration:  Send $12.00  ($5.00 for Juniors) and a OBRA standard entry
form to C. Murray
4318 SE 8th Court, Gresham, Or 97080.  Please indicate classes preferred
and OBRA number
on the release.  Entries must be postmarked by July 17.  Entries after that
date must
include $5.00 late charge and will be automatically assigned to the Senior
Men category.

Rules & Instructions:
         1.  Numbers must be located on left hip.  Please do not fold or
cut number.
         2.  No warm up on the course after 9:30 a.m.
         3.  Descending riders must use main Timberline Road
         4.  No support permitted.  No feeding.  No vehicles on course.  No

Directions:  Start located at Government Camp Rest Area.  Take Highway 26
out of Portland.
Allow 60 minutes driving time.

Candi Murray at 667-6220 e-mail cmurray@obra.org
OBRA BAR event
2001 State Hillclimb Championship

*  Note as of June 27 there was still snow on the course

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