Crossover CX Stage Race

September 11th and 12th - Eugene, Oregon


This is the only cyclocross stage race in the NW

It is run on overall elapsed time over three stages

Saturday, Sept 11th - Cross TT, Cross Crit
Sunday, Sept 12th - Long Course Cross

[Men's A/Masters A] - [Men's B/Masters B] - [Men's C/Beginner/Masters C]
[Womens A/B/Masters A/B] - [Juniors/Women's Beg/Masters C] - [SS/Fixie]
[ ] means run together - / means scored seperate
Masters means 40+/50+

Prizes will be $500 cash + shwag from Rolf Prima. (Winner of each category gets cash. 2nd place gets merchandise.)

Registration is $60 by Aug 25th - $75 Day-of
Please send a standard release to:
Co-Motion Classic Racing
28238 Andrews Lane
Camp Adair, OR 97330
comotionclassic@comcast.net - (541) 521-6529
This is an OBRA event. All rules apply. Helmets must be worn.
OBRA Membership is required - $20 annual or $5 Daily

Rally Coffee Roasters Rolf

Rally Coffee Roasters Rolf Prima

Crossover logo, Rolf logo Rolf Prima

Lane Community College, Eldon Schafer Road
Exit 189 off I-5, 3 miles South of Eugene

Ninkasi logo

Cross TT - 3K Pavement/Gravel/Grass/Barriers

Men's C/Beginner/Masters C - 10:00am
Juniors/Women's Beg/Masters C - 10:15am
Womens A/B/Masters A/B - 10:30am
SS/Fixie - 10:45am
Men's B/Masters B - 11:00am
Men's A/Masters A - 11:30am

Cross Crit - 1K Lap Pavement/Gravel

Kiddie Kilo - 1:00pm
Men's C/Beginner/Masters C 30 min - 1:30pm
Juniors/Women's Beg/Masters C 20 min - 2:15pm
Womens A/B/Masters A/B 30 min - 2:45pm
SS/Fixie 40 min - 3:30pm
Men's B/Masters B 45 min - 4:30pm
Men's A/Masters A 60 min - 5:30pm

Long Course Cross - Pavement/Gravel/Grass/Barriers/Stairs

Kiddie Kilo - 11:00am
Men's C/Beginner/Masters C 45 min - 11:30am
Juniors/Women's Beg/Masters C 30 min - 12:30pm
Womens A/B/Masters A/B 60 min - 1:15pm
SS/Fixie 70 min - 2:30pm
Men's B/Masters B 80 min - 3:45pm
Men's A/Masters A 90 min - 5:00pm
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