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1967 Nationals
  Awards presentation at 1967 nationals.  

"Since the Alpenrose bicycle racing program first got rolling in 1962, it's gained such momentum that it has us literally going around in circles!" – Alpenrose Dairy Gazette

After 40 years, the Circuit d'Alpenrose may no longer be dirt but the riders are still going in circles. The links below lead to information about the track in its earliest days. The images also show the transformation and renovation of the velodrome.

You can also visit www.alpenrose.com for information about the Alpenrose Dairy and the Cadonau's who allow us to use this little velodrome.

Thanks to sponsors of the 1997 renovation.

1997 Alpenrose Velodrome renovation sponsors
Don Godfrey, Kathleen Grey, Aaron Harrison, Ted Haskell, Dave Hayes, Eric Kautzy, Margaret Lentell, Brad Ross, Bill Rushton, Richard Veatch, Michelle Wolf, Chris Mays, Duncan Oliphant, Lisa Panissidi, Julie Gross, James Murdock, Jim Edmark, Mike Adamson, Dave Campbell, Paul Dahlke, Jeff Gibbs, Joel & Barb Grover, Chuck Jerabek, Tom Kern, Mark Lansing, Nancy Magnus, Ron Magnus, Mark Nurre, Stephanie Oliver, Portland Wheelman Touring, Tom Thompson, Bill Wykoff, Steve Yenne, Craig Durland, John Forbes, Bill & Sam Cass, Steven Cox, Chauncey & Darien Curl, Dion Dock, Ted Forgeron, Bill Hughes, S. Lynn Hughes, Russ Humberston, Paul Mautner, Paul Monroe, Darell Provencher, Pam Reid, John Tess, Deneen Tripplett, Jon & Kirti Walpole, and Gordon Yutzy. Thanks again to all!
Pictorial History of Alpenrose Velodrome
The track starts as dirt (Alpenrose Dairy Gazette, Aug., 1962): 111K
Yes I said dirt (Alpenrose Dairy Gazette, Sep., 1962): 62K
It looked more like a cyclo cross course: 73K
Then came the real thing: 52K
And the real fun started: 63K
Even the little ones enjoyed it: 65K
1967 Nationals: 18K
Look at all the jerseys: 18K
Good view from under the rain cover: 16K
1989 Nationals: 18K
Even the media takes notice: 16K
This is why we have rain covers: 14K
Ouch, let's try to avoid this (where is David): 8K
Look at all the people: 13K
Before Clean up (early 90s): 17K
After Clean up (early 90s): 8K
Renovation Drawing #1: 16K
Renovation Drawing #1 Close Up: 11K
Renovation Drawing #1 Close Up: 13K
Renovation Drawing #1 Close Up: 7K
Renovation Drawing #2: 8K
Renovation Drawing #2 Close Up: 6K
Renovation Drawing #2 Close Up: 10K
Renovation Drawing #6: 8K
Ripped apart in 97: 35K
No grass yet, but we have a new track: 41K
Back in Business: 38K
The Officials even have more room: 38K
The people are back: 38K
Who's going win next year: 12K
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